So, I'm employed now.

I started a new job last week. It's with my alma mater's biggest rival, but at 47 (and 9 months unemployed) I'm inclined to let that go. I'm working in my field, with interesting material. My coworkers seem nice, and the campus is lovely. Sadly, the pay sucks and the job is a year-to-year contract, and the contract is up in September. So, I'm still looking. But it's nice that someone wants to exchange money for my work.


I found out yesterday that a friend, albeit one I'd never met face to face, has died. I interacted with her about once a week, followed her sorrows and triumphs and shared my own, debated things, and I was always happy to see her pixels. I wish I'd met her. I wish I'd sucked up the time and money concerns and just gotten to one of the f2f gatherings where that might have happened. More importantly, I wish she'd gotten better medical care, so she didn't spend the last years of her life fighting to not be in terrible pain. I wish she was still here.

She was one of the driving forces behind an online community that directly led to many of my current, in person, friendships. I owe her (along with the other founders) the company I had for the past few friends Thanksgivings. I owe her a lot of the support that saw me through my own parents' long deaths. I owe her so much, and now I'll never be able to thank her.

The US medical establishment's treatment of chronic pain is completely fucked. Addicts abuse pain killers so we punish innocent people by denying them treatment. How is that right? How does that solve anyone's problems? Some people suck. And others . . others are gone.
The IL position turned me down. A shame--I really liked the people with whom I interacted. The person turning me down said I was a strong candidate and did a great job with the interview process, but there was another candidate with more experience. Which is fair, but it still sucks. They pointed me at a couple of other positions at the institution and said, "No, really, we think you're great. Try to get one of these, because we really would like to work with you." Which is nice, and I did apply. But I'm still spending my days poking around help wanted sites, watching how-to videos for various LMSes to broaden my skill set, and paying out of pocket for health insurance. None of which would be my first choice of an 8-5 activity.

In better news, I get to go to a friends Thanksgiving dinner tonight, and I made a couple of pies for it. So my apartment smells like vanilla and cinnamon apples. Mmmmmmm.

And so it goes, and so it goes

Well, I got a few more rejections on things viewed for for which I didn't apply. And one of the jobs I did have a f2f interview for just reposted the position on help wanted sites, so that's not looking good. I should hear about the other position I interviewed for--the one I asked about in my previous post--in the next 2-3 weeks. I was one of four people being interviewed, so the odds aren't completely terrible. But they could be better. And there's another U of MN job that opened today that I've applied for. And there are a dozen or so outstanding applications that are still in the time-frame where they could still give me a call. We'll see.

Another phone interview next week

It's weird. I had an entire month go by with nothing moving, job-wise. Now I have three phone interviews next week and a face-to-face one the week following.

Speaking of the face-to-face one, I have a question. It's my second interview. I'll probably need to walk a lot (it's a big campus), and it'll probably be pretty chilly. I have a very sleek looking black pantsuit I'm thinking of wearing. I'm a woman. What do you think of pantsuits for job interviews?

More employment possibilities

I have a phone interview with another potential MI employer next Monday. And an HR person for a WA job that I'd written off months ago sent me an email saying, basically, yeah it's been forever--still interested? Which I am. (It's in a nifty area and the pay looks great!) Nothing's certain until I sign a contract (or even then, she said, giving her former employer a bit of a side-eye), but it's nice to see some movement.


Another potential employer has asked for an interview next month, up in Illinois. That could be fun. It's downstate, and I have friends who have friends in the area, so I wouldn't be coming in completely blind. And I could see meeting up with my sister in Chicago occasionally, which would be a blast. I'd still rather get the job in MI. But at the end of the day, I'd like to get a job.

In utterly unrelated news

Does anyone know where to find upholstery cleaner? I've heard good things about Woolite. Anyway, I tried Target, Kroger's, Harris Teeter, and CVS today, and none of them had upholstery cleaner. Carpet cleaner, sure, but the fabric on my recliner is probably a bit less durable than the carpet.

It's hot and buggy in NC. But, since, I've been unemployed, I figured I might as well get outside and move, so I've been walking 1.5-4 miles a day, 5-6 days a week. My calves look great! Still, I had to practically bathe in bug spray, and I worked up quite a sweat. And once I finished my walk, I'd sit around drinking water and cooling down before my shower. I tried to be good about putting a towel down, but the combo of sweat and bug spray has worked its way into the fabric on my favorite recliner. Now it stinks. Hence, cleaning.

Apparently I'm the only person in NC who has this problem, because my search was fruitless. Kudos to the kind, if puzzled, store clerks who tried to help me find what I wanted. Does no one else have cloth covered furniture? Or am I just the only person who gets sweat on hers?

And how are you?

It's been almost a year since I last posted, and quite a year at that. The big news for me is that I was laid off at the end of June. I had a month of vacation that they paid out, and I also got a bit of severance, so I'm not fighting the cat for his food. Still, it's been odd having most of the summer off, but not wanting to do much of anything that costs money. I've gotten a lot of walking in--up to four miles at a go occasionally. And I've rediscovered the local library. A friend had major knee surgery, so I've been able to help her out with rides to PT and the occasional hanging out.

I've also been job hunting like whoa, as eventually the severance will run out. The local job openings haven't panned out, but I've had several interviews with some Midwestern organizations. One of them checked to see if they could contact my references, so that has potential.

I'm a bit torn about moving. On one hand, I'd have winter again, and I've missed that. Many of the Midwest openings are closer to my sister, too, and that could be very nice. But I have a terrific network of friends here, as well as having all the townie stuff down (the good dentist with the geeky assistant who talks superhero movies while cleaning my teeth, the bar with the fantastic craft cocktails and no drunk frat boys, the person who cuts my hair just the way I want it, the terrific landlords and neighbors [who also count in the terrific network of friends mentioned above]). On the other hand, it could be fun to discover a new place. Friends aren't replaceable, but I could add to the list, maybe.

Or maybe none of the Midwestern openings will pan out, and (if I'm lucky) one of the local orgs. will come through. It's all very open and uncertain right now.

Are you registered to vote? Are you sure?

Originally posted by nagasvoice at Are you registered to vote? Are you sure?
gakked in its entirety, with thanks,from twisted chick's entry of the same name.

In the commonwealth/state of Virginia, you can check here to see if you are registered to vote.

Why is this important? Virginia is booting about 40,000 people off the registration list for dubious, illegal reasons.

And a stupid federal judge has allowed it.

Lest you think this only happens in Virginia, no. Being female in Texas can deny you the vote -- or, rather, being female and having your ID not reflect your currently used name, such as if you have just been married or divorced.

Know someone in Virginia or Texas?

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